Thursday, 4 February 2010

The story plan

My idea for this final plot is that we are creating an environment for King Arthur.
We are showing the famous scene where he claims Excalibur but instead of Lady of the Lake being in the water we have her on a ruined castle island as a statue.

For the intro of my part..
First we are show a painting or picture of the castle which is in 2d, then we go to the 3d environment we have modelled. Arthur comes in on his boat through the arch which is coming out from the water. We could have the shot of the castle as he looks up giving a nice perspective shot. He has a lantern on the boat but he then takes a torch from the wall and lights it from his lantern which is done after the mooring of the boat. Arthur then continues into the first room to see the tapestry detailing the origins of Excalibur or his prophecy about the sword and what he will become. This idea could be on stone where the last part of the prophecy is broken off or if it is on the cloth maybe part has been burnt and illegible so Arthur then has to fulfill the destiny without knowing. This tells the viewer what this quest is and continues on to up the stairs into the main castle.

I really like what hayley has put up about the Phantom lair. I will be looking at this when designing the layout whether in a cave or above ground. If i go below ground i think the use of candle light would look awesome, and the narrow path idea of he cannot turn back.. The use of the stairs emerging out from the water below is cool, could show that nicely with lighting.

I have ad trouble thinking of the structure of how the boat will be docked so that our character could believably get out onto the island and this shot from hayleys pics show's a great and cool way, i will make it my own though;

After the journey up the stairs of the castle there could be history continued so that we don't have the whole story, so we then enter this little room before entering the centre of the castle..

Rest to be finalized and discussed with the group. But mainly i have talked us through the start which is where i am modelling.

We cannot decide whether to have the castle all ruined until Arthur takes the sword from the Lady of the Lake statue and then the castle returns to perfect, which would show that he has done something good. Or the other would be to have the castle ruined and then the castle submerges under water once he takes the sword, then left seeing Arthur sail away.

I prefer the last one where the castle is then submerged but i shall see what the group thinks.

I need to research and try some different moonlighting tutorials to see what works best for our mood and setting, if we want the statur to be hit by strong moonlight then the moon will be either directly above or beaming through the castle window arches. Which the placement will effect the shots and what needs to be modelled to look amazing and what does not.

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