Friday, 5 February 2010

Dock Designs

I've explained whats going in more thoroughly in my personal blog.

Here are two designs for the layout of the dock ;

The orange in the picture is the way the flame has been lit by the plinth in the middle and set alight oil in the walls which lights our room. The tapestry will be either hanging on the wall in the room or along the corridor, i can't decide. probably this main room makes more sense. the ceiling design is like the Rochester Cathedral.

This is my second idea where we can see the supporting arches for the ceiling and the room is simply already lit and the tapestry will be on the either side of the wall in between the torches.
I like the simplicity that we easily go onto andi's stairs.

Guy's tell me what you think and which you prefer.

Also Hayley i have found some cool torch designs on National Treasure when i was looking at the treasure scene lighting.

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