Sunday, 21 February 2010

2 weeks left

How's it going everyone. I Thought I'd give you an update as to where I stand at the moment with the work. I've found a way of animating 2D over 3D using Toon Boom, but I need videos of the environment in Maya to work over with the shots that we like, without them the 2D will not look well placed in the environment and will look out of sync with the 3D camera moves.

I can tell you now that realistically, with 2 weeks left and trying to work on Steve's unit at the same time, the 2D animation will not be complete in time for the deadline. It will look like a choppy animatic/pencil-test at best with no colour. Not the best organization on my part and also I would need you guys to hurry out a final model of the castle as soon as possible so we can do a rough render of the camera fly through for me to work over, which I don't think is fair on you lot and will result in a pants version of what we originally planned.

If we're going to carry on with the idea we will have to cut the amount of shots with 2D down to those that are completely necessary, like the intro, outro and some small bits inbetween (i.e. lighting the fire). Alternatively to compensate for the reduced 2D I wouldn't mind working on the camera moves in Maya, that's something that I want to learn anyway. I think we should discuss how to salvage the idea. How are things going with rest of you?

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