Friday, 5 March 2010

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Hey i've just gotten round to seeing how my lighting will work in the main castle scene.. though whenever i open the file same gave me my Maya just dies.. i'll have to do it when we're in college on monday. Which is a little poo maybe.

Things left to do:
Finish Texturing - i'm pretty much done now.
Lighting - Maya crashes so.. wait til monday, although i have played with the lighting in the dock cave now
Storyboarding - clear this up properly
Animatic - Rough block of what we want to happen - even if we can't achieve it, show what we would have done with more time
Animating - see how Matts going on that, Hayley animated her sections? CAMERA - animate movements
Render - as layers?

Here's some lighting in the room, i hadn't textured the walls here.
I just quickly ran through a fluid fire tutorial to get a look of whats going on.

More of a cinematic shot.

Ok so i've been on about this moonlighting tutorial, this is the effect if give, just stuck a shadow on so can play with that to get some really nice looks, I think this shows off the mosaic floor really nicely so maybe worth putting that around the fountain as Andi has done something similar for his actual fountain so it'll pull together. I'm wondering if the rest of this room looks bland though in comparison. So i'm going to apply some bump maps to see what i can get.

Here is the fire and the moonlight light on together.

Maybe nice contrast with the colours here, light dark?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Hey I've just been reading the latest posts, I am getting there with my bits, but could do with a final castle to put the animation onto. Would it be possible to email Matt the blocked out bits so he can add his animation to it, especially if he wants to sort out the shots. We can always add extra camera shots to show off our detail in our environments if necessary. Didn't Andi have the shot list too? It could be helpful to be posted on here so that we have something to work from.

Also Sam are we keeping a ramp down to the central area or are there going to be stairs? I will model the balcony area if necessary (if you have not already done so) so that I can fit in my models for the fire to work. Also Andi please please hurry up with the statue area so I know where to fit water around. If you could do this by the weekend can we meet to exchange files and I can add animation to them by monday.

Hope you are all ok xx
heyy matt read the post on blog.. i think we've all finished our sections but just adding detail so we have the block version if not the finished..

Sam has the file with mine included. Andi hasn't yet modeled his statue or fountain i think.. sooo.. maybe if you're in you could be asking Alex about camera moves as he gave us a cool tutorial earlier this term

I say we maybe for the 2d. yes blockout animatic would be good to show what we wanted to do.

i have been saying to the group that we have needed to each draw out shots we wanted and come together and work them out. So just a 2d animatic and storyboards of the scene..

I think showing our intentions is the best we can do now for the story?

Sunday, 21 February 2010

2 weeks left

How's it going everyone. I Thought I'd give you an update as to where I stand at the moment with the work. I've found a way of animating 2D over 3D using Toon Boom, but I need videos of the environment in Maya to work over with the shots that we like, without them the 2D will not look well placed in the environment and will look out of sync with the 3D camera moves.

I can tell you now that realistically, with 2 weeks left and trying to work on Steve's unit at the same time, the 2D animation will not be complete in time for the deadline. It will look like a choppy animatic/pencil-test at best with no colour. Not the best organization on my part and also I would need you guys to hurry out a final model of the castle as soon as possible so we can do a rough render of the camera fly through for me to work over, which I don't think is fair on you lot and will result in a pants version of what we originally planned.

If we're going to carry on with the idea we will have to cut the amount of shots with 2D down to those that are completely necessary, like the intro, outro and some small bits inbetween (i.e. lighting the fire). Alternatively to compensate for the reduced 2D I wouldn't mind working on the camera moves in Maya, that's something that I want to learn anyway. I think we should discuss how to salvage the idea. How are things going with rest of you?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


This is my newer boat shape that looks more like my earlier concept, what do the rest of the team reckon is this better? Also what would you like at the front to hold the torch, is it going to be quite ornate or would you prefer something simple for it to be held in?
I am currently working on the water around the island, I have used an Ocean Shader and been playing around with it as well as using Softbodies. The videos will be uploaded later for you to see. I am having a bit of trouble with the reflectivity, so I will ask Alex for help on Thursday, and also try adding a few lights to see what happens.

Water Environment from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

Otherwise, I have slightly altered Lydia's model for the fire in the main room. I have made it gold following the style of the decoration on objects in the British Museum, an also this is why there are pearls at the top.

The symbol is one that was common at the time, and I added a bit more gold as I felt it looked better this way. I have both saved, so please tell me which you all prefer. I am going to add water to the centre and give it a reflective oil like shader to make it look more realistic.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Hey Hayley that's awesome with the fire!
keep it up!

I'm working on lighting tuts for moonlight so will keep you posted :)