Saturday, 27 February 2010


Hey i've just gotten round to seeing how my lighting will work in the main castle scene.. though whenever i open the file same gave me my Maya just dies.. i'll have to do it when we're in college on monday. Which is a little poo maybe.

Things left to do:
Finish Texturing - i'm pretty much done now.
Lighting - Maya crashes so.. wait til monday, although i have played with the lighting in the dock cave now
Storyboarding - clear this up properly
Animatic - Rough block of what we want to happen - even if we can't achieve it, show what we would have done with more time
Animating - see how Matts going on that, Hayley animated her sections? CAMERA - animate movements
Render - as layers?

Here's some lighting in the room, i hadn't textured the walls here.
I just quickly ran through a fluid fire tutorial to get a look of whats going on.

More of a cinematic shot.

Ok so i've been on about this moonlighting tutorial, this is the effect if give, just stuck a shadow on so can play with that to get some really nice looks, I think this shows off the mosaic floor really nicely so maybe worth putting that around the fountain as Andi has done something similar for his actual fountain so it'll pull together. I'm wondering if the rest of this room looks bland though in comparison. So i'm going to apply some bump maps to see what i can get.

Here is the fire and the moonlight light on together.

Maybe nice contrast with the colours here, light dark?

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