Monday, 22 February 2010

Hey I've just been reading the latest posts, I am getting there with my bits, but could do with a final castle to put the animation onto. Would it be possible to email Matt the blocked out bits so he can add his animation to it, especially if he wants to sort out the shots. We can always add extra camera shots to show off our detail in our environments if necessary. Didn't Andi have the shot list too? It could be helpful to be posted on here so that we have something to work from.

Also Sam are we keeping a ramp down to the central area or are there going to be stairs? I will model the balcony area if necessary (if you have not already done so) so that I can fit in my models for the fire to work. Also Andi please please hurry up with the statue area so I know where to fit water around. If you could do this by the weekend can we meet to exchange files and I can add animation to them by monday.

Hope you are all ok xx

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