Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Rochester Cathedral

Hey, this is what i wrote when contacting Rochester Cathedral

i have a reply email from rochester cathedral ..

Hello there,

My name is Lydia Fabian and i am currently a student of Ravensbourne College University.

I am a second year animation student and my current project involves modeling a 3d environment on whatever i choose. I have been to look at Rochester Cathedral and it took my breath away.

I am writing to ask of you if it would be possible to model the
Rochester Cathedral with how it looked through the different building sections as it was being built over time.
Please contact me on the email address l.fabian@rave.ac.uk

or my mobile number is 07596 078 089

Hope to hear from you soon as i'm keen to get started.

Best Wishes

Lydia Fabian

I then got a reply yesterday (but as college email was down i didn't know until today)

Reply being -

Dear Lydia

Thank you for your enquiry via the website.
This sounds like an interesting project, happy to talk further!
Have you looked at the panoramic tour we have just put on the website?


If you are able to produce something to looks at how it has changed we
may even be able to make use of it.

Do give me a call




Dr Edwina Bell

Director of Operations

Rochester Cathedral, The Chapter Office, Garth House, The Precinct,
Rochester, ME1 1SX

Direct Dial: 01634 810060 Mobile: 07766 857752


This is a great chance to do get some work out there, or we can continue with our current story and maybe do something like this for next term.. if we have a similar project.

The link Edwina has put in her email shows a cool way to look around their cathedral, but we would have the opportunity to create a story and bring this cathedral to life. To show what it would have looked like before.

I haven't contacted her back yet as i thought to see what you guys thought first, get back to me soon as i can go on and ask for access to floorplans and photos/illustrations of what it would have looked like.


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