Friday, 29 January 2010


When talking with Jared yesterday we were talking about why this castle is here, what are we trying to show.. originally we had this idea of a story/adventure unfolding where we have a character who's come onto this ruined island and ends up at the top with this magical tree.

So i've been thinking of how we can give our environment purpose and here's what came up;
- Showing the castle in its glory and showing it in ruins
- Bring a client in and make it a live project by collaborating with them, such as Rochester Cathedral/Castle. This would allow us to give this project an educational purpose or to create promotional product advertising the Castle/Cathedral.
Also the other being we'd maybe be able to get floor plans and just crack on with the modelling texturing, lighting, and animating. Rochester Cathedral is huge and perhaps more unique than the castle in my opinion.

- Narrative. What if we were to make this a stronger narrative as opposed to something we've thought up as a group? We should be enlightening people and teaching them something new which would be a great way to lead us around the environment.
Mentioning the educational purpose, Sam mentioned he was off to do a talk about animation to a class aged around 10 years old. Somehow we then thought what if we used this for our project, asking the children questions about our environement such as 'who lives here', 'what do you want to happen here', 'what is this place?' and getting their feedback either recording their voices and animating that over our environment. Also, Lizzie had the idea of handing out party plates to draw on so that we can take this research back to work from. Animating what they see in our environment.

Narrative can go on more and maybe we could take an existing famous character such as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and see how she would react with this environment. Maybe it's a virtual and interactive environment - inspired by Lizze's lecture this morning in contextual studies..

I don't want our team to scrap our existing idea. I'm just concerned about what purpose does our environment serve? What are we intending to achieve and how will it be received?

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