Monday, 18 January 2010

Lets get this on!!

So with the blog now up and running we shall be posting regular updates of new findings and developments in our digital environments.

This is whilst also maintaining our own personal blogs which we have links to on the side bar.

I'm thinking we should all post up some inspiring works of art/illustrations/videos/films or photography work for the STYLE we're heading for?

Currently i'm looking to post up some work by Ansel Adams as he does some amazing landscape photography.

Autumn Moon, the High Sierra from Glacier Point

This is a really sweet composition which reminds me a little of shrek.

Jeffrey Pine, Sentinel Dome

loving the funky tree above, the one below is one me and Andi found when in Rochester -

It's so curvy, reminds me of stuff from Disney's Hercules.

Roots, Foster Gardens, Honolulu

Diagon Alley - illustration

On my blog i've mostly sourced out bits like this but just want to show you that this is the cartoony style i was thinking.

This painting just shows the idea of going with surreal buildings where I'd want to want on the slopes, arches and bends into my concepts for the environment.

Hopefully when we all meet next we will be discussing who can do what in the environment,
i'm now going on to produce some floor plans and sketches from the photos taken at Rochester.

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